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Clinton Housing Development Company, Founded 1973


CHDC has approximately 85 staff members. Organization is currently organized into six divisions: Operations & Administration, Housing Management, Housing Maintenance, Housing Development, Finance, and Community Cultivation. Our social services division is under contract with the Hudson Guild.

Joe Restuccia, Executive Director
Kathy Prioleau, Director of Housing Management
Magdalena Kosz, Acting Director of Maintenance
Aimee DeCicco, Finance Consultant
Shanti Nagel, Director of Community Cultivation


The CHDC Board meets monthly to review operations and work of Clinton Housing Development Company. The current board make up is 10 members.

Rachel Lovett, Vice President
Luz Monje, President
Rachel Lovett, Vice President
Peter Rider, Secretary
David Korman, Assistant Secretary
Michael Campbell, Treasurer
John Carroll, Member
William Kelley, Member
Steve Nadel, Member
Joe Restuccia, Member
Anna Ulitsky, Member